The City of Trasala

Silver_Dragon.pngAt the height of the Guryn Empire, the City of Trasala was the gateway to ore rich Hald Mountains. Great trade houses controlled the flow of ore out of the mountains and metalworkers from all the races could be found plying their wares along the famous “Gold Street”.

When the Guryn Empire fell, Trasala’s riches became a prime target of the Duergars, who had been barely held in check by the Guryn army. As the army of grey dwarves began to overrun the city, a pair of silver dragons flew out of the mountains into the midst of the invaders. The defenders of the city rallied and after a furious and bloody battle the Duergars were driven off.

However, Kelorth, the older and larger of the two dragons who came to city’s aid, had been killed in battle. When the battle was over, his mate, Feranth, carried his body to the top of a nearby mountain. For days the dragon’s cries could be heard throughout the mountain range. Hearing the cries, and feeling a great gratitude to the city’s savior and great sorrow for the dragon’s loss, Narasa Hellbent, a half-elf jewelry maker, undertook the perilous journey to pay her respects to the city’s savior.

The climb took three days but Feranth, moved by Hellbent’s determination, gifted the determined half elf the power to wield the magical power of the dragons and Narasa became the first of the Silvertouched.

Feranth adopted the city as her own and the city pays their respects to their Dragon patron by contributing to her horde, feeding her, and protecting her as a first line of defense. Feranth in exchange controls the weather to help crops, protects the city against threats, and perhaps most importantly bestows the gift of the Silvertouched on those she judges worthy.

While the other nations that emerged from the ruins of the Guryn Empire have suffered from instability and turmoil, the city of Trasala has remained relatively stable and prosperous under the watchful eye of the silver dragon. The mines, while not producing as much ore as during the Guryn empire, provide a steady income to the city.

The families who have become Silvertouched play a major role in the city; members often serving as mayor or guild leaders while others leave to seek their fortune elsewhere.

The City of Trasala

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