Guryn Empire

The Guryn Empire at its height

The Guryn Empire was officially formed when the five mage lords agreed to join the five shards of the Sun Stone together and share power. The Guryn Empire unofficially ended when the Sun Stone inexplicably turned to dust and the magic that protected the empire failed.

At the height of it’s power, the Guryn Empire spanned the entire continent. A network of magical nodes powered vast airships that transported people, food, and goods from the central cities to the outlying imperial colonies and back again.

The Guryn army was unbeatable. Armed with magical weapons and combat trained wizards, they drove off dragons, orc armadas, and powerful demons.

The power of the Sun Stone aided everything in the empire, from transportation, to the military, to the agriculture. Then suddenly and without warning, it stopped. Airships held aloft by the network of towers, crashed into the ground. Droughts held at bay by the power of the Sun Stone came roaring back with a vengeance, leading to decades of famine. The five mage lords who had ruled the Empire died within a week of the Sun Stones destruction.

Within a few short years, the Guryn empire which had stood for 700 years, was no more.

Guryn Empire

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